Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, and Admirer of a good cup of coffee.  

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 Having a camera in my hand quiets my mind and fills me with peace. I love the honest rawness of working from behind my camera capturing joyful, tearful moments that leaves you in awe. Every day, I hope to leave bits and pieces of a legacy behind that no one will see but feel. 

Spirited Photography Events, LLC is located in Texas. I specialize in Product & Social Media Photography and All Things Wedding.

We are about to release a brand new site, so stay tuned... 

Clients working with a professional wedding planner or day of coordinator. My love for Canon cameras. The never-ending drive to infuse each day and experience with fun and enlightenment, especially while working with my fabulous team. Clients utilizing the art that comes from having a second shooter.  

what helps Spirited to shine bright?

Wife of almost 14 years, mother of two strong little women and two sassy hairless Chinese Crescents and care taker of  two corn snakes and two Fancy parakeets. 

my family

God, Mother Mary, Iris Apfel, Gary V, Jasmine Star and music playing in the background.