Jennifer, How Do You See Love?

Jul 3, 2018


Well, I am very animated so allow me to explain the way my brain works.


Getting real with life and love.


Starting out with your partner can have its moments, moments like living in a very small one-bedroom apartment, where the only bathroom is in your bedroom and sometimes, you or your partner have to poop, and you or your partner have to take a shower and sometimes it’s at the same time. My husband learned to leave the door open, turn on the fan and I learned that I had to hurry up with taking a shower.  Fast forward to 14 years later – now that we have our dream home with 3 other bathrooms my husband can use, you’d think things would change, but of course, my husband still chooses the bathroom that is in our master bedroom, which thankfully now has a door and fan and I’m safe to shower without losing the steam and heat and clean air.


Remembering it’s not about all about you.


It’s very easy to get caught up in everyday life, but sometimes life reminds you think about others. Like when you are driving and must suddenly slam on the brakes and your “mom arm” reaches out to anyone in the passenger seat next to you to shield them from whatever may come.  Within that moment, the fears and worries from living everyday life, the injustices in the world, and the millions of other things I have to do but did not get done or worries about missing the mark of as a mom, wife, friend, human fades away. We need to work to remember it’s not all about us, but it’s about our loved ones, before life reminds us. We should all be working towards extending our arm out to have that moment to shield, protect, love another person, without an emergency.


Boundaries, Respect, Love and a bunch of Realistic Understanding.


We all come from different walks of life and gather our own understanding of what it takes to be a human being existing with other human beings. When you start making life-altering decisions, it affects everyone around you. My advice is when you start getting serious with your partner, go to counseling, this will teach both of you how to handle the stress that life and marriage come with and how to communicate. Learning how to setup healthy boundaries and how to implement them as a couple, as well as hold each other accountable to your combined values and beliefs, is the same as learning to love and respect one another even through life hurts. It’s a powerful way of being a couple.  I truly wish someone would have sat my husband and I down and said these exact words and paid for at least six months’ worth of counseling.


So how do I see love? The question should be how I LIVE love. 1. Get Real with life and love 2. Remember it’s not always about you and what’s going on in the world 3. Boundaries, Respect, Love and a bunch of Realistic Understanding and application



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