Five Oaks Farm Charm

Jun 2, 2018


Five Oaks Farm Wedding Venue is very dear to my heart. This venue is perfect for the Bohemian Wedding Theme. Five Oaks Farm Wedding Venue allows you and your guests to enjoy one another with its shaded oaks trees, beautiful scenery, and wildlife that often may make an appearance.  I really do admire the owner, Melody. She is someone I look up to in the wedding venue industry. I wish I could live or take a Glamp-ing vacation on the property in a teepee and enjoy waking up in the morning watching the sunrise and then the sunset. With my cup of coffee in hand and fried donuts, over a camp fire… mmmmmmm… Donuts…


So that brings me to a special offer I want to share with you. If you use code: FIVEOAKSFARM, you will enjoy $500.00 off my Premier Wedding Photography Package (only at FiveOaksFarm/ this special expires July 31st).



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